Elements by Monty Halls
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This podcast is all about the elements that make up life. "Life" in my particular case involves a great deal of travel, working as I do as a roaming biologist, filmmaker, photographer, and writer.

As such I've been fortunate enough to visit some extraordinary, far-flung places, and experience encounters with animals large and small that will stay with me forever - these are described in the series. But there are of course the other elements to life - family, home, the weather, trying to run our small-holding in Devon, and generally immersing ourselves in the change of the seasons on the slopes of the valley that is our home.

I decided that "Elements" is a good name for the series, describing not only the worlds of water, earth, wind and air, but also the bedlam and chaos that make up everyday existence for all of us.

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    The Flowers of the Forest (and the joy of slowing down).

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    Bioluminescence - The Creek That Glowed: This is the story of how a kayak in the darkness of Old Mill Creek, the tributary just below the house, became one of the most memorable and wondrous of evenings.